Why advertise with us?

In retail, the saying is “location, location, location”.  The same is true for websites!  Creating meaningful links between websites (also known as “backlinks”) is one of the important factors when it comes to searchability on sites like Google.  Having your website listed with us will allow you to get traffic from visitors who may not have heard of your camp before, or who were drawn to your camp by using generic search terms.  Our team has been in the camp advertising business for several years, working as private contractors, and we are now working to offer a low-cost, affordable advertising solutions to all the camps in the National Capital Region.  We do our own analytics and SEO in house, ensuring that our site will help drive traffic to yours!

How does it work?

Advertising with us is easy!  All you have to do is fill out the form below, and click on the Buy Now link below the form.  Listings will run until February 15, 2020.  In early 2020, current customers will receive an email informing them about renewal pricing.  Once your form is submitted and payment is received, you will get a confirmation within 2 business days, and your content will be live on our website.  You will also receive information about how to log in and post on our job board.


Our fees are upfront, and all in.  $349 (before February 28) gets you a spot on our website, as well as unlimited access to our job board.  As of March 1, 2019, our listing fee will increase to $399.  We offer special deals for owners who run multiple camps (eg day camp & overnight camp), as well as not-for-profit camps, and camps serving low income, disadvantaged, or special needs communities.  Please contact us at advertise@ottawacamps.ca if you think you may qualify for special pricing.

We also have a special section for Featured Camps.  Our featured camps get dedicated space at the top of each page, a Google Maps link, as well as first right of refusal in 2020.  Space is limited, so please contact us if you would like to become one of our featured camps.  The cost for a featured camp is $549 prior to February 28, or $599 on March 1.

What are you waiting for?

Fill out our form below and you’re on your way!  Your content will not be live until we receive payment.  Regular ads are $349 and featured ads are $549.  If you think you may qualify for special pricing (see Pricing above), please submit this form, then contact us directly.  Do not submit a payment.

Ad Types

Alternatively, you can send an Interac e-Transfer from your bank to payment@ottawacamps.ca.